how to do the single leg burpee

The Single Leg Burpee is a challenging and fun plyometric(jump training) exercise that you should include in your fitness routine. It will help you to increase your cardiovascular endurance and will help you to strengthen your Chest, Shoulders, and Core.

The One-Legged Burpee gets your heart rate up fast making them a great addition to High-Intensity Interval Training programs.


how to do the reverse burpee

The Reverse Burpee is a fun plyometric(jump training) exercise to include in your routines. It will help you to develop your leg strength while giving your core a good workout at the same time.

Plyometrics are a great way to get your heart rate up fast making them a great addition to High-Intensity Interval Training programs.

How to Guide

Step by Step Description

Step 1: Move to a standing position with your feet approximately hip-width apart. Extend your arms up pointing towards the ceiling or out in front of you and tighten your core.

You are now in the starting position.


man showing how to perform the cable push-pull

If you are looking to bring your core strength to a new level and improve other compound movements like Deadlifts and your squats the Cable Push-Pull could just be what you need.

This article will include a video, image and written step by step description on how to do this exercise.

Its difficulty level, the equipment you need to do it. The different muscle groups that get worked when you perform it.


how to perform the Wall Throws Exercise

This article will cover every thing you should know about the Wall Throws exercise.

We will include video, image and a written step by step description on how to do this exercise.

Its difficulty level, the equipment you need to do it. The different muscle groups that get worked when you use this exercise.

The benefits you get when adding it to your training routine. Also, some different training tips to use to help make sure you are performing it correctly.


The Lunge Kick Exercise Introduction

How to peform Lunge Kicks

Today we are going to cover another calisthenics (bodyweight) exercise called the Lunge Kick.

Before using this exercise, you should have some practice with the two different movements that make up this activity.

The two separate actions are the lunge and the high kick.

Spend some time practicing both, and when you feel that you have got your technique down, then you can combine them.

When you are first starting with this exercise, you should only kick as high as what feels comfortable. Over time with practice, the height you can kick your leg up should slowly increase.


The Split Lunge

Woman performing a split lunge

In this article, we will cover how to perform Split Lunges, the different muscles it works and the benefits to performing them.

This exercise is used commonly for strength training. It is classified as a beginner level difficulty exercise.

The Split Lung is a great compound lift allowing most people to use a heavier weight than walking lunges.


Calorie Calculator To Gain Weight

Picture of Annie Thorisdottir performing the sled push at CrossFit Games

Image source

Crossfit Diet For Weight Loss: Break Through Your Weightloss Plateau

Crossfit is a great exercise program that will burn a high level of calories in a very short period.

CrossFit is a perfect match for people who want to gain some strength well losing a significant amount of fat.

Exercise can only take you so far, and if you want to get the most from your training, you are going to need to focus on your Diet.


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Use our calorie counter software to track the number of calories you are eating daily and track how your weight changes over time. The available foods in our database are growing every day, but if you cannot find the food you are looking for just add it to our database.

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barbell with weights on floor

Adding HIIT Into Your Bodybuilding Routine

Many people who are working on building a larger stronger body spend all their time hitting the weights and barely focus on improving their cardiovascular system. When I started bodybuilding I know I was guilty of doing this as well.

When I was focusing solely on bodybuilding I was adding a large percentage of body fat because of the high-calorie surplus from my diet. Adding HIIT into my bodybuilding routine allowed me to continue gaining lean muscle mass with a minimal amount of fat gain. Usually, people need to increase their calorie count when adding HIIT into their routine to prevent feeling too fatigued from their new training routine (at least this is what I found for myself).

Adding HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a great way to help burn excess fat well keeping your hard-earned muscles intact. This article is assuming you have general knowledge of HIIT if this is your first time hearing about it check out our HIIT HOW TO for some basic information about incorporating HIIT.

In addition to increased fat burning and more muscle preserved, HIIT


stack of dumbells at gym

Exercise and Weight Loss

It does not matter if you have told yourself that you’re going to lose weight because this time things are going to be different. If this is not your first attempt to lose weight it is important for you to look back on what prevented you from achieving that goal. Losing your extra


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