how to do the Squat Curl to overhead press exercise

With this lift, we are going to be chaining three different exercises into one. The Squat, the Hammer Curl, and the Palms In Overhead Press will all get connected into one repetition.

The Squat Curl Press is a great conditioning exercise.


how to do the kneeling squat jump

Step 1: Start by kneeling on the ground. You can use a weighted vest or barbell racked across your back to add extra resistance to this lift.

Step 2: Now sit back with your hips until your glutes are touching your feet. Make sure you keep your head up and shoulders pulled back and down.

Step 3: Now use your hips and explode upwards. You need to generate enough power so that you land with your feet flat on the floor.


woman showing How to do the Push Jerk

The Push Jerk will help you to develop your body's strength and endurance.

This lift has become very popular in many CrossFit and athletic training routines. It requires raw overhead power and proper technique for someone to perform this lift correctly.

Before using this lift you should already have a solid technique with the strict presses, and push presses.

The Strict Press will teach you how to move a weight overhead.

The Push Press will instruct you how to begin using your legs to help drive a weight overhead.


How to perform the Kettlebell Clean and Jerk exercise

When used consistently the Kettlebell Clean and Jerk will develop strength, power, and help you condition your body.

When used with a lighter weight it is a great way to burn a high number of calories.

The first thing we are going to cover is the difference between an overhead press and the Jerk.

When you are performing an overhead press, your feet stay firmly planted. You will then use your shoulder and arm power to move the weight overhead.

When you are doing a Jerk, you will first use your legs to create momentum to drive the bar upwards. Then you will either Split or Squat under the bar. You only use the arms to help push your body under the weight.


example how to perform the Kettlebell Thruster

Use this full body compound exercise to burn fat and gain strength.

The Kettlebell Thruster has gained popularity in many Crossfit, Mixed Martial Arts, and athletic training routines for a good reason.

The exercise combines the Front Squat and Shoulder Press into one movement. When multiple compound exercises get combined into a new movement, it is often called complexes action instead of compound one.

You will also have to perform the Clean exercise when moving into the starting position for the thruster.

While your Squat will get limited by the amount of weight that you can overhead press / Clean. It is a great way for your body to burn a high number of calories.


The burpee pull-up is a full body compound exercise.

Recently it has become a lot more popular in CrossFit circles.

It gets commonly used within a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine. If you are new to doing this exercise, you should start slowly and focus on your form.

Another common training method for burpees is called the descending ladder. To implement this training method you are to do 1 less burpee with every set until you reach 1.

So if your first set was 10 repitions the second set do 9 and then 8 and so on. This method works best when you are implementing progresive overload.


We are going to cover the average cost of joining a CrossFit Box(Gym). We will detail the pros and cons of CrossFit to help you come to a decision.

Depending on where you live there can be a large difference in the amount you will pay to be a member of your local box (CrossFit Gym).

How Much Does CrossFit Cost per Month

In The Philly suburbs, some people are paying 120$ dollars a month for three classes a week.

Here we have a breakdown of what CrossFit London charges.


The High Hang Clean Exercise

In this article, we will cover the High Hang Clean Exercise.

If you are looking to create total body power and explosiveness than Hang Cleans are for you.

They are great exercise that requires you to have a mix of good strength and speed.


The Renegade Row

Kettlebells lined up on deck from smallest to biggest

The Kettlebell Renegade Row is an intermediate to advanced exercise. It has been developed and named by its creator coach John Davies. It is a quite hard and very effective abdominal exercise.

We will cover how you are to perform this lift with the correct form including image and video demonstrations. Alternate variations to make the exercise easier or harder depending on your needs. The basics on how you can include it into your CrossFit training routine and the muscles of your body worked by the Renegade Row.


The Clean Pull Exercise

Barbell loaded with weights sitting on the floor

This article will cover what the Clean Pull is. How to correctly perform the movement and include it into a CrossFit routine. The muscles worked and the benefits you will receive by using the Clean Pull exercise.

The Clean Pull lift is a variation of an Olympic movement. It is a compound exercise (multi-joint movement) making ideal for use in any program designed with progressive overload in mind.


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