Armstrong Pullup Program

Brendan Botond Performing pullups for the Armstrong Program

In this article, we will be covering what the Armstrong Pullup Program is. What you need to do on the training on each of the different days.

The rules for performing a proper military type pull-up and some of the fundamental errors that will result in a no count for a repetition will be covered. When using the Armstrong program use these rules as a reference for how to count a proper pull-up.

Major Charles Lewis Armstrong is the person who developed the Armstrong Pullup Program. His reason for creating the program was to help him set the new world record for the number of pull-ups completed in one exercise session. Lewis Armstrong was able to complete 1,435 strict military style pull-ups, so this training method worked well for him. He credits much of his success for the number of pull-ups he did to this program.

Many people have achieved amazing results by using his training protocol. While it is similar to the Recon Ron Pull-up Program (the goal is to improve the number of pull-ups you can do), it has been designed to give maximal results with a much shorter period.


Take You Pull-ups To The Next Level Recon Ron Pull-up Program

Man performing pull-ups in the park

The Recon Ron Pullup program is used by the military all the time. The program is to be performed every day of the week with only Sunday for rest. The program runs for 38 weeks.

Well the Recon Ron Pullup Program is not as big as Armstrong Pullup Program many people I know have experienced very significant and very dramatic gains and improvements in the Recon Ron program.

the Recon Ron Pullup Program is also a long-term program, unlike the Armstrong Pullup Program is used for short term use.

If you find that you are not able to progress to the next week’s prescribed amount of pull-ups, then repeat the routine of the week you just completed and then try moving to the next week again.

Before somebody can use the Recon Ron Pullup Program; they need to be able to do six dead hang pullups.


barbell with weights on floor

Adding HIIT Into Your Bodybuilding Routine

Many people who are working on building a larger stronger body spend all their time hitting the weights and barely focus on improving their cardiovascular system. When I started bodybuilding I know I was guilty of doing this as well.

When I was focusing solely on bodybuilding I was adding a large percentage of body fat because of the high-calorie surplus from my diet. Adding HIIT into my bodybuilding routine allowed me to continue gaining lean muscle mass with a minimal amount of fat gain. Usually, people need to increase their calorie count when adding HIIT into their routine to prevent feeling too fatigued from their new training routine (at least this is what I found for myself).

Adding HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a great way to help burn excess fat well keeping your hard-earned muscles intact. This article is assuming you have general knowledge of HIIT if this is your first time hearing about it check out our HIIT HOW TO for some basic information about incorporating HIIT.

In addition to increased fat burning and more muscle preserved, HIIT


Your Weak and Small And It's Time to Make A Change

image of girl performing crossfit

How can you get stronger when your really skinny is a common question hard gainers and small eaters are always asking. But getting stronger is going to be a lot harder if you don't get some more meat on your frame. eating more calories is going to have to be your number one priority. All your hard work in the gym will be wasted if you don’t have the proper amount of nutrients for growth and strength.

To get your muscles stronger you have to ensure that you are giving them enough nutrients for healing and creating new muscle tissue. But to do this your going to have to understand why you're skinny. Are you eating enough food to get the number of calories you require? Or are you having problems eating enough calories?

First, you have to make sure you're eating enough protein each and every day. The number of grams of protein you are eating daily should be equal to the new weight you want to reach. So if your 140 lbs and you want to reach a weight of 160 lbs you will have to start eating


navy man performing the deadlift

A Bit About The Deadlift

The deadlift is a great exercise to build a persons strength. The deadlift does not rely on stretch reflex. The weight is dead on the floor and you have to brute force it all the way up. Also, you can’t really shorten the range of motion compared to a squat for example.


Group of runners on the beach

How to Become a Fit and Healthy Person

Everyone wants to keep their body fit and healthy. It doesn’t matter if this is the first, tenth, or the fiftieth time you’ve tried to get fit, healthy and lose weight. What is important is to start a routine that suites your needs and abilities. So i


Try Core Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Woman with back pain

Many people who are suffering from back pain don't realize they may find relief by strengthening their core muscles. When we speak about strengthening core muscles most people assume we are talking about th


HIIT Workout Routine For Men and Women

High Intensity Interval Training Overview

Before we start its best if we review exactly what hiit training is. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. High Intensity Interval Training has become a popular way to burn higher levels of fat, improve endurance, and build strength. The ba


One of the best ways for getting stronger

woman performing deadlift exercise

Most people who are into lifting weights have heard of the term progressive overload. For those of you who have not heard of this term before it is simply the act of continuing to make the exercise you are doing more challenging over time well maintaining perfect


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