how to do the reverse burpee

The Reverse Burpee is a fun plyometric(jump training) exercise to include in your routines. It will help you to develop your leg strength while giving your core a good workout at the same time.

Plyometrics are a great way to get your heart rate up fast making them a great addition to High-Intensity Interval Training programs.

How to Guide

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Step by Step Description

Step 1: Move to a standing position with your feet approximately hip-width apart. Extend your arms up pointing towards the ceiling or out in front of you and tighten your core.

You are now in the starting position.

Step 2: Begin by Pushing your hips back and bending at your knees lowering your butt all the way down to the bottom squat position. When your butt is close to the ground, lean backward and roll your back onto the floor while bringing your knees in towards your chest. When your knees are pulled in, lift your butt off of the floor and place most of your bodyweight on your upper back.

Step 3: Kick forward and use momentum to reverse direction and place your feet back on the ground. Do not let your arms touch the floor. You need to use your body's core muscles and momentum to get your body up(NOT YOUR HANDS).

Step 4: Drive your heels into the floor, extend at your knees creating as much force as you can and jump straight up as high as you can. Try to land with your feet shoulder width apart so you can quickly move into the next repetition.

You have now completed one repetition. Repeat for your selected number of reps and sets.

Difficulty Level

The reverse burpee gets rated at an Intermediate difficulty level. Before using this exercise, you should be able to perform the Squat jump with proper form.

Equipment Required

Since this is a calisthenics exercise the only thing required is your body and an area that is high enough for you to jump up without banging your head.

Muscles Worked

The primary muscles that get worked are your Quadriceps.

The Secondary muscles involved are the Hamstrings, your Core, and the Glutes.


When incorporated into a high-intensity interval training program you get to burn a large number of calories in a relatively short time span. If you want to use this lift in a High-Intensity Interval Training program, try out our free online HIIT Timer.

The Reverse Burpee works well in both set/rep based training and time span training(when you perform each set for a specific amount of time).

While the primary focus is on your Quads, your core also gets a great workout from this exercise. Training multiple muscle groups together is efficient and can help you spend less time in the gym while still getting a great workout done.

The movement involved will Help you to train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work together. Training these muscle groups to function as a unit can increase your balance and stability.

Training Tips

To limit the amount of stress placed on your knee ligaments and reduce your chance of an injury at no point should you let your knee move past the tip of your toe.

To continue increasing the difficulty of this lift you can either add more reps and sets or increase the duration you are performing the exercise(if you are using timed reps). Another option is to use weighted clothing to make the lift more difficult.

Watch out for rounding at your lower back. To help limit rounding of your back pull your shoulders back and down while pushing your chest out.

In Closing

While you do not commonly see people performing this exercise, it is a fun way to add some leg and core conditioning to your training routine.

If you want to try out this exercise in a HIIT routine, goto our free online HIIT timer and set your time active, rest time and the number of rounds that you want to perform. All our fitness tools are free of charge so try them out today.

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