how to do the steps for the Squat Snatch exercise

Use this lift if you are looking to build strength and explosive power at the same time.

This article will include video, image and a written step by step description on how to do this exercise.

Its difficulty level, the equipment you need to do it. The different muscle groups that get worked when you use this exercise.

The benefits you get when adding it to your training routine. Also, some different training cues to use when you are performing it.

Remeber you are combining two different exercises into one fluent motion. The Snatch and the Squat get coupled to complete this advanced movement.

The Snatch consists of three pulls.


Man showing how to do the Dumbbell Squat Snatch

While you may not see the Squat Snatch at your local gym, it is a popular exercise in many CrossFit boxes.

This lift will develop your explosive power, speed, improve coordination and stability. It also increases your mobility and flexibility.

The Squat Snatch is classified a compound pulling exercise.

In this article, we will cover how you do the exercise with video, image and a written step by step description.

The different equipment you will need. Muscles that this exercise will work.


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