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Use our Calorie Calculator to determine your required daily calories and our Calorie Counter Software to track the number of calories you are eating daily. Our Dashboard allows you to track how your weight changes over time. The available foods in our database are growing every day, but if you cannot find the food you are looking for just add it to our database.

Once added to our database the food will be immediately available for you to add to your food log.

Our calorie counter works for desktop and mobile users, so it does not matter what device you are using when you come to this website. All features of this site will be accessible for you to use with your food log.

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Raw Food Calorie Counter Will Eating Organic Help Me Lose Weight

It is a common believe that eating organic will help you lose weight and it works for many people. Since the number of calories that they are consuming each day is now lower than when they began the raw food diet.

Any time you start to put your nutrition intake in a calorie deficit you will start to lose weight. By using our calorie counter, you can be sure that you are meeting your nutritional needs and still lose weight.

It does not matter whether you are on a raw food diet, paleo or any other diet plan our tools will still work and help you ensure you are not under or over eating.

Calorie Counter To Gain Muscle

Many calorie counters are designed only for the purpose of a person losing weight. Our calorie counter/food log has settings to allow you to select and calculate the amount of calories required for you to build muscle as well.

To add muscle, you will need to track the number of calories you are eating paired with a strength training program.

By tracking your weight and calorie intake with our calorie counter software, you will be able to alter your eating habits and increase your chances to gain muscle in the shortest time possible.

Gaining weight this way is a lot healthier than just using a random 3000 calorie meal plan to gain weight. Slowly increasing your daily calorie count will also help to ensure that a considerable amount of the weight added is muscle and not fat.

By increase your calorie intake by too many calories too fast you will be mostly gaining fat and not muscle.

By using our calorie counter software paired with a strength training program, you will have a higher chance to increase your amount of muscles mass on your body.

Remember for optimal muscle growth you should be eating one gram of protein for every pound of body weight you have. So if your weight was 200 pounds, you should be eating 200 grams of protein a day. However, make sure that you spread your protein intake throughout the day.

Daily Food Log Template

Your daily food log template makes it simple to add foods to your daily food log. If you forget to add some of the foods you ate on a particular day you can always select the date and add your missing food entries.

Our daily food log templates use a responsive design and will be chosen based off of what one best fits the device that you are using.

You can search for a particular food to add to your food log. Alternatively, you can use the Quick Add link and manually add the number of calories, carbs, protein, and fat.

Daily Calorie Deficit Calculator

Use our Daily Calories Required calculator to determine the amount of food that you should be eating based off of the goal that you are trying to achieve.

Our calorie calculator software will take your gender, height, weight, and activity level into account to determine the estimated number of calories you need to eat to meet your weight goals.

  • To have this information connect with your daily food log login and click on your username in the site menu. A drop-down will appear with the menu item [Manage Account] click on the link.
  • Picture of how your food log looks on a mobile phone
  • The required inputs to generate your calorie requirements are the measurement system, weight, height, gender, birthday, activity level, and the goal you are working towards achieving.
  • Picture of how your food log looks on a mobile phone
  • Hit the Calculate Button to see the average amount of calories that you need.
  • Click on the Update button, and your food log will now reflect the new amount of daily calories that you require.

Repeat calculating your calorie requirements process every time you lose 2-5 pounds to see your new calorie requirements. This will help you to keep making progress towards your goal in the shortest time possible.

If you just want to determine your calorie requirements but not use a food log check out Daily Calories Required to calculate your calories.

Basics On Our Calorie Counter Software

Every item that you add to your food log will automatically deduct from your required daily calorie intake.

Our calculator can be used to help you determine your calorie intake to lose weight, maintain your current weight levels, or add more weight to your frame.

If you are finding that you are not losing weight, manually change the number of daily calories you should be eating. You should only alter the number of calories to eat by 50 to 100 calories.

Once you have changed the number of calories that get ate daily, wait five days to see if you are losing weight. If you find that you are still not losing weight repeat this process until you hit a calorie count that allows you to lose one to two pounds a week.

If you are losing more than two pounds in a week and are under 300 pounds, you should eat slightly more (where you are dropping up to two pounds in a week). Losing a larger amount of weight in that short of a time span is unhealthy, and we do not advise you to take this path.

For people who way over 300 pounds, the rules are a little different. It is acceptable for you to lose up to 1 percent of your body weight within a week timespan.

To calculate 1 percent of your body weight use the formula
[allowed healthy fat loss] = body weight * 0.01 . and this is the amount of healthy weight loss you should be aiming to achieve.

Track you progress with your calorie log dashboard to view your eating habits over time.

Picture of how the calorie counter software dashboard looks

Give our Food Log/Calorie Counter Software a try it is free to use, and registration only takes a minute. You can register with just an email account HERE or use your google or facebook account Here.

Let Us Know What You Think

Use our calorie counter software to view the number of daily calories that you are consuming, and your weight progression over time using your food log dashboard.

If there is any added functionality, you would like included into the calorie counter software leave a comment and let us know what you would like added. We will do our best to add the new functionality promptly.

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