How To Close Your CrossFit Forum Question

As long as you leave your question, open people will be able to try and provide an answer to your question.

When you feel that you have received a suitable answer to your question you can close your question to prevent further answers.

Once you have closed your question, you will not be able to re-open it or edit it. So make sure that you are satisfied with the answers provided before you close the question.

Steps to Close Your Question

In order to close your question you will first have to Log into your Fitness Account
Once you are logged into your account click on the Forum dropdown menue and select   CrossFit Forum View/Edit/Close Your Questions this will bring up a list of all the questions that you have asked. The list of your questions will be order by the most recently asked.

Screen shot of menu item to select for editing/closing a question

Remember once you have closed your question you cannot re-open. So make sure that you are satisfied with the answer before you click on the close button.

Screen shot of how to close your CrossFit Question

Once you click on the close button, you should see the page update and now show Comments: Closed. You have now successfully closed your question, and no other users will be able to supply answers.

Screen shot of you question closed

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