Post A Question To Our CrossFit Forum

Before you are able to post your question you will first have to log in to our site. If you don not already have an account goto Register to signup with an email account or Login to use a social account.

Once you are logged in you will see "CrossFit Forum Ask A Question" under "Forums" in the main menu.

CrossFit Forum Available Fields

The main category that you belive the question you are asking falls under. The available options are CrossFit General, CrossFit Bodyweight, CrossFit Weights, CrossFit W.O.D., CrossFit Logs, CrossFit Advanced, CrossFit Injuries.
CrossFit General
For asking basic information on CrossFit. Such as how to select a box, schedule your training, and different diets.
CrossFit Bodyweight
For information on bodyweight exercises and CrossFit
CrossFit Weights
Get/Ask for information on different CrossFit exercises using weights.
CrossFit W.O.D.
Post different workouts of the day
CrossFit Logs
Log different information about your CrossFit routine tell people what you found that worked and what did not.
CrossFit Advanced
For issues like thrusters, clean and press
CrossFit Injuries
Talk and get information about different injuries, such as how it happend and what has been helping it heal.
Try to use a title that helps users to understand what information you are really looking for.
Short Description
The short description should include the basic information on what your question will be asking. The Short Description is what people will see when browsing through a list of questions.
The Description is where you should give a full detailed description of the problem that you would like solved. All details should be included in this portion. The description is not visible until a person has selected the question for viewing.
Notify Me
Having this checked will send email notifications to you whenever a user has supplied an answer to your question.
Anonymus Comments Allowed
The Anonymus Comments checkbox is used to allow users who are not registered or logged into the site to supply an answer to your question. But watch using this as it may also increase the amount of trolling on your post.

CrossFit Forum How To Post A Question

If you are already at the CrossFit Forum page just click on Ask A Question if you are not logged in this will automatically bring you to the login screen. Once you log in it will automatically redirect you to where you are able to ask your question.

Screen shot of what the CrossFit Forum Add a post page link looks like.

For users that are already logged into the site under the Forums menue there will be the option CrossFit Forum Ask A Question.

Screen shot of what the CrossFit Forum Add a post menu looks like.

This will take you to where you can fill out all the information about your question.

Screen shot of what the CrossFit Add Post fields.

Once you are you have filled out the different fields and feel that you have properly explained your question click on the Create button to submit your question to our forum.

Once you question is submitted into our CrossFit forum you will be redirected to a list of all recent CrossFit Questions. Questions are displayed by most recently asked.

Screen shot list of forum posts order by most recently asked.

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