Add An Entry To Your Food Log

There are three separate ways that you can add a new entry to your food log. One method is to use our search function and add it to our database. The second way is to use our quick add option. The final way is to use the recent foods selection to add new items.

Both methods require that you log into our application. Click on the menu item My Calorie Log.

  • Method One: Search From Our Database

  • Click on the link Add Food Item link.
  • Clicking the link will take you where you will see a list with you last 20 selected food entries.
  • If you are adding food that is in your list of recent entries, click the checkbox next to the foods name and fill in the new quantity. To view the nutrition details of the food entry click the link Nutritional Details.
  • In the search box above Recent Foods, selections enter the name of the food you are looking for and then click on the search button.
  • The Search Recent Foods screen provides a list of all foods that match your search criteria.
  • Click on one of the items to see the different portion sizes that you already added to our system.
  • To view all the nutritional details for an entry click on the link Nutritional Details.
  • Use the combo box to select what meal you are going to add the food entry.
  • Enter the quantity that you have eaten and clicked on the Add button to submit the entry to your food log.
  • Once you click on the Add button, you will be redirected back to your daily food log with the entry to the meal that you selected.
  • Method Two: Quick Add

  • Click on the link Quick Add.
  • The Quick Add link will bring up a dialog box with options for the number of Calories, Carbs, and Protein. Fill out any that apply for the food entry that you are eating. Using quick add will not allow you to name the entry like option one does.
  • Once you have filled in the information, click on the button.
  • Once you click to add the item, the new values will get reflected in your daily food log.
  • Method Three: Recent Entries.

  • Click on the link Add Food Item link.
  • You will get brought to our Search For Food screen, under the search box you will see a list of your 20 most recent food entries.
  • Click the checkbox for any of the foods you are going to add to your food log.
  • Enter in the quantity of the food.
  • To add your checked entries click on the button Add Checked To Food Log.

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