The Kettlebell Jerk

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The Kettlebell Jerk is a great exercise to help you increase your strength.

It is a compound lift (requires multiple joint movements to perform the lift) and is an intermediate (medium) difficulty exercise.

This lift works best in training types that utilize Progressive Overload to help create great strength.

The two-arm version of the Kettlebell Jerk will require you to have better shoulder mobility compared to the single arm variation.


The High Hang Clean Exercise

In this article, we will cover the High Hang Clean Exercise.

If you are looking to create total body power and explosiveness than Hang Cleans are for you.

They are great exercise that requires you to have a mix of good strength and speed.


The Split Clean

barbell weights loaded and resting on the ground

The split clean is a great exercise that you can add to any routine. It is an Olympic-style compound exercise meaning it requires multiple joints to move to complete the movement.

This article will cover how to perform a proper split clean. The benefits that you will receive by adding it to your strength, power or CrossFit routine. And the different muscles that this exercises will work.

You can use a barbell or dumbells to perform Split cleans. Both provide an excellent workout for your body helping to increase your balance and athleticism.


The Clean Pull Exercise

Barbell loaded with weights sitting on the floor

This article will cover what the Clean Pull is. How to correctly perform the movement and include it into a CrossFit routine. The muscles worked and the benefits you will receive by using the Clean Pull exercise.

The Clean Pull lift is a variation of an Olympic movement. It is a compound exercise (multi-joint movement) making ideal for use in any program designed with progressive overload in mind.


routine consists of seven separate exercises the Plank (max hold), Squats (8 reps), Lunges (8 reps), Push-Ups (8 reps), Laying Down Leg Raises (8 reps), Mountain Climbers (as many as you can complete), and the Pike-Push-Up (8 reps).

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This post will cover a basic calisthenics training routine for beginners that you can do at home with no equipment. We will cover how you are to perform each of the exercises and include a video demonstration.

This post will cover a basic calisthenics training routine for beginners that you can do at home with no equipment. We will cover how you are to perform each of the exercises and include a video demonstration.

You need to finish each exercise with a rest time of 45 seconds between each one.


Armstrong Pullup Program

Brendan Botond Performing pullups for the Armstrong Program

In this article, we will be covering what the Armstrong Pullup Program is. What you need to do on the training on each of the different days.

The rules for performing a proper military type pull-up and some of the fundamental errors that will result in a no count for a repetition will be covered. When using the Armstrong program use these rules as a reference for how to count a proper pull-up.

Major Charles Lewis Armstrong is the person who developed the Armstrong Pullup Program. His reason for creating the program was to help him set the new world record for the number of pull-ups completed in one exercise session. Lewis Armstrong was able to complete 1,435 strict military style pull-ups, so this training method worked well for him. He credits much of his success for the number of pull-ups he did to this program.

Many people have achieved amazing results by using his training protocol. While it is similar to the Recon Ron Pull-up Program (the goal is to improve the number of pull-ups you can do), it has been designed to give maximal results with a much shorter period.


Squat Clean Thrusters

woman performing the clean exercise

Squat Clean Thrusters are for intermediate and higher lifters. You need a firm grasp on all of the core lifts before stepping up to the bar.

You really need to focus on selecting an appropriate weight to use. If your form begins breaking down in any way the weight selected is too much.

When you are using an exercise with so many joint movements, you have an extra high chance of injury occurring from improper technique.

The places with the highest chance of harm are your knees, lower back, and shoulders.


The Bulgarian Deadlift

man showing how to perform the Bulgarian Deadlift

The Bulgarian Deadlift combines one of the hardest lifts there is and awkward body positions (you have to balance on a single leg). By mastering this lift, you will be amazed at the amount of muscle mass it can add to your lower body.

It is also great to help to improve any muscular imbalances that you may have in your legs.

The Bulgarian Deadlift is a compound lift (requires multiple joint movements to perform the lift) and is great in any program but is best in training types that utilize Progressive Overload


The Kettlebell Clean And Press

Icon Picture of kettlebell lined on a deck

This article will cover how to perform the Kettlebell Clean And Press, what muscles this exercise works, and the benefits you receive when including the Kettlebell Clean And Press into your training routine.

The Kettlebell Clean And Press is two separate actions combined into one movement creating a challenging compound exercise. The first movement is the Kettlebell Clean and second is the pressing of the kettlebell.

When you are first beginning, you should separately perform the clean and press. Continue practicing both exercises individually until you have mastered the movement pattern. After you fell comfortable executing both moves independently, then it is time to combine them into one fluent motion.

You can do the clean and press with one or two kettlebells, by using two Kettlebells you will better overload your body well performing the movement, just make sure your form stays correct.


What Is a Bent Over Row

Muscles used when someone performs the bent over barbell row

The bent over row is a compound exercise (requires more than one joint to perform the lift) that focuses on the back muscles and will also help to shape your shoulders too. Being a compound exercise, it is well suited for progressive overload. The primary muscles used for the bent over barbell row is the middle back. Strengthening these muscles is shown to improve your posture and spine stability, lowering your chances of lower back injuries. Before loading a heavyweight ensure you have practiced and learned the proper form for this exercise. As you increase the weight watch for lower back rounding while pulling, since it can increase stress to the lumbar discs. If you suffer from back issues, you should not do this exercise an excellent alternative training activity for those with back problems is a Low Pulley Row.

Bent Over Barbell Row Benefits

The bent-over barbell row is a great exercise for developing strength, thickness, and detail to your back. Most of our daily activities have are shoulders hunched like driving, working at a desk,


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