The Jackknife aka Pike Push Up

how to perform a Jackknife Push-Up

This exercise is commonly referred by two different names. The Jackknife or Pike Push-Up.

In this article, we will cover how you are to perform the Jackknife Push Up, the muscle groups that it works, the benefits to doing them and the equipment required.

Not able to do a jackknife push up yet? Not A Problem!

We are also including a guide how to use different push-up types to help you gain enough strength to do them. Look for it at the end of this article.


routine consists of seven separate exercises the Plank (max hold), Squats (8 reps), Lunges (8 reps), Push-Ups (8 reps), Laying Down Leg Raises (8 reps), Mountain Climbers (as many as you can complete), and the Pike-Push-Up (8 reps).

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This post will cover a basic calisthenics training routine for beginners that you can do at home with no equipment. We will cover how you are to perform each of the exercises and include a video demonstration.

This post will cover a basic calisthenics training routine for beginners that you can do at home with no equipment. We will cover how you are to perform each of the exercises and include a video demonstration.

You need to finish each exercise with a rest time of 45 seconds between each one.


Back And Biceps Calisthenics Training Program

Icon Picture of man performing close grip chin-ups

This article will be covering a beginner's Calisthenics workout routine focusing on the back and bicep muscles.

We will break down how exactly to perform each type of exercise in this routine with details and a video example.

This routine consists of 5 different exercises that you will cycle through four times. You are to rest 1 minute between each of the various activities/exercises. Once you complete all five exercises, rest for three minutes and then begin going through each exercise again.

This training program will take around 45 minutes to fully complete, and requires the use of a pull-up bar.

The exercises you will be doing to complete one cycle is pull-ups, negative chin-ups, incline chin-ups, wide grip pull-ups, and shoulder width chin-ups. Make sure Take a one minute rest from completing one exercise and starting the next.

To finish this training routine, you need to complete each cycle four times with a three-minute rest between each cycle.


What Are Scap Pushups

The Anatomy of a persons back

Scapular pushups are a variation exercise of the regular pushup. The scapular pushup places greater activity on your serratus anterior muscles than the traditional pushup. This results in a higher recruitment of your scapular stabilizing muscles as well (the technical term for the shoulder blades).

The Scapular Push-up is considered harder than the conventional pushup since you have to maintain a planked position well performing the push-up movement. The scap push-up promotes natural scapula motion and better shoulder mobility.


What Is Calisthenics

girls in bikinis performing Calisthenics

Calisthenics is an excellent way to get yourself into better shape. Basic calisthenics training involves any exercises performed using no added weight. Body-weight training is another common name people use for this form of exercise.

The great thing about calisthenic exercise is that you can do it as a stand-alone routine, or have it programmed into any weight loss, bodybuilding or fitness workout.

The advantage of calisthenics is you do not need a gym or any special equipment and can do your routine just about anywhere. Well, there is equipment for Body-weight training but it is not required and compared to other fitness programs the equipment is considerably cheaper. We will show you a calisthenics workout plan for beginners that you can start today and think you will be surprised with the results and body transformation you can reach.


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