is CrossFit worth the cost

We are going to cover the average cost of joining a CrossFit Box(Gym). We will detail the pros and cons of CrossFit to help you come to a decision.

Depending on where you live there can be a large difference in the amount you will pay to be a member of your local box (CrossFit Gym).

How Much Does CrossFit Cost per Month

In The Philly suburbs, some people are paying 120$ dollars a month for three classes a week.

Here we have a breakdown of what CrossFit London charges.

  • 3x/week monthly package – £105
  • 5x/week monthly package – £145
  • Single CrossFit/Barbell PT session – £60
  • Single Gymnastics PT session – £60
  • CrossFit Beginners PT package (7 sessions) – £290

Other places are charging as high as 325$ a month like Dog Town CrossFit.

For most places, the average cost of a box membership is around 120$ to 175$ a month, and they will allow you to train on average three times a week.

Others will allow you to exercise as much as you want within their open hours, so it is best to check with you local box.

While the monthly costs are high, most boxes do not require you to sign a year membership like regular gyms. You are only required to make your payments from month to month.

This can be a significant benefit for people who start with exercising but ultimately do not carry through with it.

However, it can also be the same price as some discount gyms charge for an entire year membership. They also allow you to train as often as you chose, unlike many boxes.

In my area, there is a McFit Franchise that costs under 10$ a month.

You also need to make sure the coach at your CrossFit Center is capable of teaching. THIS IS A VALID POINT FOR ALL LIFTING TYPES. I have seen many CrossFit centers and personal trainers(strength coaches, Olympic lifters) in boxes and Gyms who do not have a clue and are more interested in their phones than your technique.

It is important you find someone who is passionate about what they are doing.

So always check out the center and see how much attention the coaches are giving the class. Remember this affects all training types, not just CrossFit.

However, there are many good reasons for people to pay the extra money to get Fit.

Benefits That Make CrossFit Worth The Money

The main reason I see is the atmosphere, coaching, and accountability CrossFit boxes provide.

Have you tried to get in shape at your local gym but become unmotivated?

Within a few weeks or months are you hitting the gym less and less?

Well, then the CrossFit atmosphere may be just what you need to keep you going back. No other gym has the same level of camaraderie as CrossFit. Many people find that feeling part of a community makes them feel more accountable to be at their workout.

The people at CrossFit boxes are usually very friendly, and the atmosphere of competition can help you to pump out those extra repetitions you would not do if you were by yourself.

Over time continually pushing yourself harder will show in your physique.

Many CrossFit boxes also use a class registration system. These are classes that you have to book in advance. Having an advanced booking for your workout can help to make sure you get to your class.

Especially if every time you miss a workout there is a group of people asking you why you did not make it to the gym the next time they see you.

Another huge benefit for beginners is that it utilizes multiple different training protocols into one routine.

These include gymnastics, strength training, Olympic lifting, and High-Intensity Interval Training. The workouts are programmed to include at least 2 to 3 of these areas in every WOD (workout).

So if you are not that big into fitness then learning all of these areas and proper technique is a very complicated and time-consuming task.

Having a qualified training program and coach to teach you all the aspects session from session makes it quite easy to start utilizing all the benefits of these different training types offer.

Another advantage is the nutrition information many boxes and their instructors provide. Clean eating is a major part of the CrossFit culture.

Paleo and Zone diets have become extremely popular in CrossFit circles. And since there is the whole community aspect everyone is usually very excited to share nutritional tips.

Why CrossFit is Not Worth the Money For Me and Maybe you

I enjoy being left alone when lifting. I go to my gym to be left alone and work out my daily frustration. The community CrossFit provides is not something I am interested in being a member of.

The more people that interact with me during my workout time, the more frustrated and annoyed I become.

I am very passionate about exercising, and the CrossFit community offers nothing to my personal needs. I perform HIIT, Plyometrics, Strength Training and Olympic lifting.

For my first two years of fitness, I believe having a box would have been extremely beneficial to me.

Having four kids, a wife, full-time job, and my site that I operate and write all the code for I need the freedom to train anytime. I have a 24-hour fitness center (Anytime Fitness) that allows me to train at 5 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning open 365 days a year.

So if you are not interested in socializing or need the freedom to change your workout hours at the last second CrossFit may not suit you.

If you already perform Olympic lifting and have solid technique, the trainers are a lot less relevant.

Alternatively, if you like to have a more structured and separated training system example (one-day power lifting, a speed lifting day, HIIT day), CrossFit is again not a great fit.

By mixing all these different training types into one routine, you will get better at all of them. You will also never really excel in any of them.

My goal is raw power. CrossFit will strengthen your body but will not create the raw power I am looking for. CrossFit boxes train with a higher rep scheme and lots of speed work.

Moving your Squat to 600 lbs or greater is not something you see in many CrossFit boxes. The training system they utilize just isn't meant for that type of power building.

However, this is my personal goal. You need to figure yours and see if it aligns with CrossFit or another training protocol.

Danger of CrossFit Boxes

There is a significant risk with some CrossFit boxes right now. It has to do with how popular CrossFit is and the amount of profit that can be made.

Whenever something in the fitness industry explodes with interest like CrossFit is experiencing you get cash grabbers. These are people who are opening centers only to rake a quick financial gain.

They will hire people who passed written CrossFit exam test but have no real training experience. Boxes only interested in the bottom line profit will hire these unqualified trainers because they come cheap.

So sit in on s few classes to see how the coach is and test their knowledge. Many centers will allow you to pay for a couple of single classes so you can find out what they have to offer.

Like any fitness training program, a dedicated coach can make a huge difference in the gains you see. More importantly, keep you out of the hospital.

In Closing

The price of a CrossFit membership is high there is no denying that. For most of the people getting into fitness, I think it is well worth the price.

If you are looking to get fit while having fun with a great group of people, then go and check out your local CrossFit box. 200$ a month to meet your fitness goals makes a hell of a lot more sense then penny-pinching and not improving.

There is a lot they will teach you, and over time you can always take those lesson you learned into training at a regular gym for less.

Even better create your own little CrossFit box at home and train with friends and family.

Getting Fit is extremely hard for many people, and CrossFit is just another tool to help you reach your goals. Remember the more tools you have, the better chance you have of achieving your goals.

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