Calculate you daily calorie requirements

Have you ever tried to calculate the amount of calories you require in a day? If so you'll know that it is not very difficult if you have memorized the mathematical equation. If you do not have the equation memorized then you will have to look it up and fill in the variables such as age sex, height etc. So what should you do? Many people have found success by using calculators designed to calculate their required calorie count. I caontinually hear people asking on how many calories to eat for weight loss, how many calories should i eat daily or how many calories should i eat when on a diet. So if you are asking yourself how many calories should i be eating you came to the right place.

Calculating your required calorie count is one of the first steps to achieving your fitness goal. It doesn’t matter if you goal is to lose weight, add muscle or just maintain your current weight level. Since this is such an important function to meet your fitness goals it is one of the first tools our site has created for your use Calculate daily required calories

Once you have calculated the amount of calories you require the next step is to track what you are eating to ensure you meet your calorie intake. Well you may be thinking you know how many calories you are ingesting every day you should log your foods and calories to ensure the amount of calories you think you are eating is correct. Many people do not make any progress towards their goal because they think they have a general idea of the number of calories they take in a day but once they start logging everything that they eat notice they are consuming a much higher level of calories than they thought. Many people trying to gain muscle but not seeing any progress are usually on the opposite end of the spectrum thinking they eat a higher amount of calories than they actually are.

By calculating the daily requirement of calories your body requires and ensuring you meet your calorie intake is the first step in reaching your fitness goals.

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