Review of Titan Weight Vest

Use: Add extra weight to your upper body while exercising


Increase the difficulty of your calisthenics exercises


Reasonable for the amount of weight and durability

Ease of use

Takes some time to get used to


Some people(very few) were missing a few weights. The vendor was quick to remedy the situation.

What We Like

Can Hold Up to 60 lbs.
You can alter the weight by 2lbs increments.
Durable vest and steel weight plates.
When you are wearing it, your body will burn more calories.

What We Do Not Like

The vest may move during high active movements at the top of smaller people.
Velcro Straps can collect lint, hair, threads reducing its ability to stick while you are using it.
titan weighted vest

Summary: The Titan weighted vest is one of the best ways to help increase the difficulty level of bodyweight training. Being able to increase the weight by small increments (2 lbs) allows you to use the vest with a progressive overload training style.

Having the additional padding makes the vest a lot more comfortable compared to many others.

Smaller people may have the vest move a little when using it in a High-Intensity Interval Training with lots of movement.

Getting to the gym is not always possible with a busy schedule.

Buying a ton of equipment is also not an option at least for me as I have a limited amount of room to store it. The price is also too high to get an entire weight set for home use.

A cheap pull-up bar and a large list of bodyweight training exercises work best for me. However, over time my workouts keep taking longer and longer as my strength increases.

The vest has helped me to increase the difficulty of most my calisthenics training exercises and reduce the time I need to perform them.

Using additional weight is an efficient way to take bodyweight training to the next level and help you to keep progressing your strength capabilities.

Being able to increase the amount of weight on your upper body by 2lbs all the way to 60 lbs will allow you to keep making progress on just about every bodyweight exercise.

You can add the weight to the front and back of this equipment. So if you are loading the vest with 12 lbs it is best to add three plates on the front and the other three on the back.

Having to much weight on the front or back will cause your body to shift in that direction naturally. By keeping the weight on the front and back the same (or just 2 lbs off) it is easier to maintain proper balance.


With this weighted gear, you can keep your workouts shorter and just as difficult.

Since you will not need to keep increasing the number of reps or sets, you need to do.

What the titan weighted vest plates look like {utl}

Gradually over time keep adding weight plates to the vest. This way you can use progressive overload by increasing the weight instead of the number of reps and sets you do.

Performing calisthenics with 60 lbs attached to you is going help build a powerful body.

Using it with high movement activities will not just help you to increase your strength but your speed as well.

When you are wearing the vest, it requires more energy to complete whatever you are doing. More energy needed to move means a higher number of calories burned.

The vest is adjustable allowing it to create a close fit to most people.

The inside of the vest also contains a foam padding. This help to relieve the pressure in your body when your wear it. It also makes the vest more breathable than many others.


While this is an excellent product, there are some issues with it.

For something so solidly built the strap used to tighten the vest to your body uses velcro.

Over time if you do not keep it clean lint, hair, clothing fibers can accumulate in it. Once you get enough of this junk in it will stop the velcro sticking together.

Luckily with maintenance, you can keep the velcro working properly. Check out How to keep Velcro Celan for tips on removing everything that gets built up in it.

The one size fits all is useful but not developed as well as it could be.

The vest moved a little more than I would have liked at the top when performing High-Intensity exercises.

Another strap higher on it would be useful to keep the vest tight to your body.

I am assuming they used this design to keep a better range of motion. Not having a higher strap prevents any rubbing friction between your body and arm.

One purchaser of the vest stated that they used a back support belt as a second higher strap removing the issue for them.

Other than these two small issues it is a well-built product.

Product Specs

  • Solid, ingot cast steel weights

  • Made from heavy duty wear resistant material

  • Security belt and padding for secure, comfortable fit - Adjustable in 2LB weight increments

  • One size fits all

  • Total Weight: 60LBS

  • Number of weights: 30

  • Weight Material: Steel

  • Belt Length: 70"

  • Vest dimensions: 23" x 12" - Vest Materials: Cordura and Velcro


The amount of weight it can handle and how reliable Titan built it makes it a useful tool in your training routine.

With 60lbs you are going to gain some more strength with using the Titan Weighted Vest.

If you are looking for something ligther Titan Vest come in many max weight variations of 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 lbs. These sizes are also slightly cheaper starting at $65.

Titan has a proven track record for creating high-quality equipment, and this vest is no exception

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