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In this article, we will cover several commonly used WOD's that include the wall ball exercise in them.

If you are going to use Wall Ball Shots, you should set the target at the standard 10 feet CrossFit height and scale as needed.

The average weight for a CrossFit medicine ball is 20 pounds. Scale as needed so that you can properly use the ball.

Wall Balls are a great plyometric form of training to use in your CrossFit routines.

Make sure you select a medicine ball with a weight that allows you to perform the exercise with proper technique while challenging you.

Wall Ball Wod's


AMRAP: As Many Repetitions As Possible.
AFAP: As Fast As Possible.
WOD: Workout of the Day.

  1. WOD: Wall Ball Shots And Kettlebell Swings

  2. 4 Round For Time
  3. 25 Wall Ball Shots
  4. 25 Kettlebell Swings
  1. WOD: Double Under Wall Balls

  2. 9 min AFAP
  3. 30: Double Under
  4. 30: Wall Ball Shots
  5. 30: double under
  6. 20: Wall Ball Shots
  7. 30: double under
  8. 10: Wall Ball Shots
  9. 30: double under
  10. 9: Wall Ball Shots
  11. Continue reducing the amount of Wall Ball throws by one with every round.
  1. WOD: Blake - Hero WOD

  2. 4 Rounds For Time
  3. Overhead Walking Lunge for 100 feet (weight 45/35 lb plate)
  4. 30 Box Jumps
  5. 20 Wall Ball Shots (weight 20/14 lb)
  6. 10 Handstand Push-Ups
  1. WOD: Wall Balls and Burpees

  2. 4 Rounds For Time
  3. Overhead Walking Lunge for 100 feet (weight 45/35 lb plate)
  4. 30 Box Jumps
  5. 20 Wall Ball Shots (weight 20/14 lb)
  6. 10 Handstand Push-Ups
  1. WOD: Balls to the Wall

  2. Shoulder Press, 3 x 8
  3. 3 x 3 Shoulder Press, 3 x 2 Push Press, 3 x 1 Push or Split Jerk.
  4. Between every set increase the weight you are using.
  5. 3 Rounds For Time
  6. 50 Wall Balls
  7. 25 Burpees
  1. WOD: Moose

  2. For Time
  3. 1,000m Row
  4. 10 Rounds of:
  5. 7 Bar Facing Burpees
  6. 3 Thrusters (95/65 lb)
  7. Then: 1,200m Run (with med ball (20/14 lb))
  1. WOD: Popeye

  2. AMARP in 20 minutes
  3. 5: Chest to Bar Pull Ups
  4. 10: Wall Balls (20/14 lbs)
  5. 15: Kettlebell Swings (1.5/1 pood)
  1. WOD: Open 13.3

  2. AMRAP in 12 Minutes
  3. 150: Wall Balls
  4. 90: Double-Unders
  5. 30: Muscle-Ups
  6. Once you have completed the muscle ups, start over until time runs out.

How to Wall Ball

Video Example

Step By Step How To

Step 1: Select the ball you are using and move towards the wall. Hold the ball in front of you at chest level with straight arms until the ball touches the wall.

Step 2: Use a goblet position (hands on the side of the ball towards the bottom) and hold the ball at chest height. Have your feet shoulder width apart stance. You are now in the starting position.

Step 3: Keep your shoulders back and push your hips backward and bend at your knees lowering your body down into a full squat stance. To reach full depth the crease in your hip should be below your knee.

Step 4: Once you reach the bottom of the full squat drive through your heels standing up explosively and drive the medicine ball up striking the target on the wall.

Step 5: Absorb and catch the ball when it bounces off the wall with your hands in the goblet position.

Repeat as desired.

CrossFit Replacement For the Wall Ball Exercise

The standard substitute for wall balls is the dumbbell or barbell thruster exercise.

Since you cannot do the throwing portion, it is advised to increase the weight by double or more. Make sure to do the movement explosively.

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