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Use the Froggers Exercise to help strengthen your core, tone the glutes(but), and work on your cardiovascular endurance all at the same time.

In this article, we will cover how you perform the Froggers Exercise with video, image and a written step by step description.

Its difficulty level, the different equipment you will need, and the different muscles that this lift works.

The different benefits that you can get when you add it to your training routine, and some training tips to make sure you get the most out of it when you are performing this exercise.

Froggers Exercise How to Guide

Image Example

Woman showing how to perform the Side Push-Up Exercise

Step by Step Description

Step 1: Lie face down on the floor. Put the palms of your hands flat on the floor directly under your shoulders. Spread your feet so that they are approximately 12 inches wider than shoulder width apart.

Step 2: Extend your arms raising your body to the top Push-Up position. Your toes and the palms of your hands should be the only parts in contact with the floor. Form a straight line from your heels to head.

You are now in the starting position.

Step 3: Jump your feet up towards your hands. Your feet should land to the outside of your hands moving your body into a deep squat while keeping your hands on the floor.

Step 4: Jump your feet out pushing them away from your hands returning to the top push-up plank position.

Congratulations, you just completed one repetition of the Froggers Exercise. Repeat for the desired reps or time you have selected.

Difficulty Level

This lift gets classified as an Intermediate training method. Before adding this exercise into your training routine, you should be able to perform a static plank for at least 30 seconds.

Equipment Required

The froggers exercise is a calisthenics exercise, so the only required equipment is your body.

Optionally you can use weighted clothing to increase the difficulty of this lift.

Muscles Worked

This exercise is a full body exercise and works many muscle groups in your body.

When you perform this lift your Legs (Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Calves), Core (Abdominals and the Lower Back), and the front of the Shoulders all work together to perform the movement.

Benefits of Froggers

Helps to strengthen your body while also working on your endurance.

When added into an H.I.I.T. training routine your body will burn a significant number of calories in a short period.

Using compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups lets you keep your workouts shorter. You can spend less time in the gym since you are doing more in less time compared to isolation movements.

Since you do not need any equipment to perform this exercise, it is useful for days when you cannot make it to your gym. It is also useful for people who work out at home and have access to a limited amount equipment.

Training Tips

When you jump your feet back, your body should form a straight line from your ankles to head. Watch out for having your hips raised to high.

Remember to jump your feet to the outside of your hands and keep your feet in as wide of a position as you can.

If your hamstrings are tight, it will limit your range of motion. Only go as far as you comfortably can. In time you should notice you can use a larger R.O.M. (range of motion) since your hamstrings will become more flexible.

Your body needs to form a straight line from your head to your heels throughout this exercise.

Make sure that your arms are in line with your shoulders. Having your arms in line with the shoulders will provide maximum stability to your shoulder joints and limit your chance of you receiving an injury.

In closing

If your primary goal is to work on your cardiovascular system or to burn the highest number of calories in the shortest amount of time, then you should add this exercise into a High-Intensity Interval Routine.

If you do plan to use it in an H.I.I.T. routine check out our Free Online H.I.I.T Timer. No registration is required for you to use it and it only takes seconds to set up.

If your goal is building strength, it is best to use weighted clothing and increase the amount of weight each time you are performing this exercise(progressive overload).

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