Bench Sprints: Introduction

Bench Sprints are a great form of jump training.

This exercise will help you to develop the fast twitch muscle fibers in your legs. Fast twitch muscle fibers are responsible for powerful bursts of movements.

Many athletes perform plyometrics to help with their athletic performance.

In this article, we will cover the equipment required. How you are to complete this exercise with video, image and a written description.

The different muscles used, and another exercise you can use if you are having issues with this one.

The Bench Sprint has a difficulty level of beginner. This makes it good for people new to plyometrics.

It can also help you burn a lot of calories in a short period. Especially when included into a high-intensity interval routine.

Equipment Required

For you to perform this exercise, you will need a weighted bench or a plyometric box. If you don't mind training outdoors, you can even use the seats on park benches or picknick tables.

Bench Sprints How To

Image Example

Bench Sprints How to

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Written Descriptions

  • Stand towards a weight bench with one foot on the ground and the other resting on the bench or box. You should have the heel of your foot on the bench close to the edge.
  • Use your top foot to push off of the bench, extending your top leg through the hip and knee.
  • When you are landing place your other foot on top of the box, your other leg should now be on the ground.
  • Keep alternating from one foot to the other for the desired number of repetitions.

Video Demonstration


Focus on extending through your hip and knee of the foot on the bench.

Many people perform a hop from the back foot. Completing the jump from your foot on the ground is incorrect and reduces the effectiveness of the exercise.

If you watch this video pay attention to the girl's foot on the bench. The tutorial she is playing in the video says to "extend through the hips and knee pushing off with the foot on top of the bench."

In the video, the girl is doing none of this. She is using her back leg to do a little hop and gently touching her other foot to the top of the bench.

She is essentially doing a form of cardio exercise and not a plyometric.

  • Muscles Used

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves

Alternate Exercise

If you are finding this exercise is still too difficult you can start with the About the Single Leg Push-off Exercise. It is very similar to this activity but does not have you quickly switching the foot that is on top of the box/bench.

In Closing

You can make Bench Sprints more challenging by wearing weighted cuffs or clothing.

Bench Sprints burn the most calories when included into a high-intensity interval training routine.

We offer a Free Online H.I.I.T Timeryou can use. It is available to anyone with no registration required, and it takes only seconds to setup.

The explosive movement of Bench Sprints will help you to strengthen the muscles and tendons in your legs.

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