In this article, we a going to cover the Cuban Press.

This exercise is made up of several different movements. These include the upright row, overhead press and external rotation of the shoulder.

Building a strong pair of shoulders will help limit your chances of injury and increase the weight you can lift on many other pressing lifts.

In this article, we will have a step by step description on how to perform the movement with video and image examples.

Its difficulty level, the different equipment required, the muscles that get worked, its benefits, some training tips and the benefits of including it into your training routine.


Sky Yoga (Aerial Yoga)

Icon Picture of kettlebell lined on a deck

Sky Yoga is a relatively new contemporary yoga style that uses traditional poses performed with the aid of a fabric sling or hammock.

Sky Yoga is also known as aerial yoga it is inspired by the vinyasa style of yoga, Pilates, Calisthenics, aerial acrobatics and is said to use poses that flow in an original sequence. By using a fabric sling or hammock and being off the ground, it will help you to heighten your attention to balance and stability.

Most sky yoga classes consist of deep stretching, relaxation, floor and aerial asana. By having your body suspended above the ground, your body weight gets distributed between the ground and the ceiling this allows for multiple possible variations of strength-building, flexibility, and core strengthening poses.


image representation of where back pain is

The Benefits of Proper Posture

Good posture is one of the first steps for helping to reduce back and neck pain. When someone slouches, it is shown to add strain on his or her muscles and add additional stress to the spine. This may result in changes to the anatomical characteristics of the spine, causing constricted nerves and blood vessels and may also lead to problems with your muscles, discs, and joints.

By strengthening your back muscles, you can help improve your posture. Read on to find five back exercises shown to help promote proper posture.

There are numerous benefits you receive from having good posture. The main advantages of correct posture are


Try Core Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Woman with back pain

Many people who are suffering from back pain don't realize they may find relief by strengthening their core muscles. When we speak about strengthening core muscles most people assume we are talking about th


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