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In this article, we will cover what bodyweight flyes are. How you perform the exercise with correct form. Different variations you can use to make the exercise easier or harder. And the different muscles that are worked by this exercise.

bodyweight flyes have an intermediate difficulty level and take approximately two months to master while maintaining a strict form well doing this exercise.

The exercise is commonly performed with 2 E-Z Curl Bar although you can use any item that you can hold and will roll on the floor. Hex shaped weights will not work for this exercise you need to use round weight plates on the E-Z Curl Bar.

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This movement is an isolation exercise. It puts the majority of focus on your chest (pectoral) muscles.

Since it is an isolation exercise, the number of calories you will be burning, or muscle mass you can create is limited. Especially when compared to exercises like military press, bench press or weighted dips.

Muscles Trained By The Clean Pull

  • Primary Muscles Worked

  • Chest
  • Secondary Muscles Worked

  • Abdominals
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps

You need to perform Bodyweight Flyes in a slow and controlled manner. Focus on creating an intense squeeze in your chest when lifting your body back up from the floor.

Performing bodyweight flyes movement slowly will help you to yield maximum results. Quickly dropping in this action increases your chance of injury so take your time and focus on controlling the lowering of your body.

To stop yourself from lowering further than you want you can use weight plates on each side of you at the desired distance to stop the EZ bars or dumbells from rolling.

How To Perform Bodyweight Flyes Image

Step 1

How to do Bodyweight Flyes setup position

Step 1

How to do Bodyweight Flyes lowerd position

How to do Bodyweight Flyes Description

  • Place 2 equally loaded EZ bars that can roll on the ground (or dumbells) next to each other.
  • Move your body over the bars and put your body into a push-up position. Your body should be straight with your arms extended.
  • You are to support your weight by your hands and toes.
  • Now move your hands one at a time and grab the EZ bars to go into the starting position.
  • Inhale as you slowly roll the bars away from each other and the midline of your body in a slow and controlled motion. At the same time bend your arms.
  • Keep moving the bars as far apart from each other as you can until your chest is approximately an inch off of the floor.
  • exhale as you begin squeezing your chest and pulling the EZ bars back together until you are back to the starting position.
  • Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

How To Perform Bodyweight Flyes Video

Easier Variation

1. Instead of being in the push-up position use the knee push-up position. So you will not be using your toes to balancing your lower body. Instead, your knees will also be on the ground to help you stabilize your body. Perform the movement as outlined above while you are in this position.

2. Having a greater bend at your elbows will make performing the movement easier.

Harder Variation

1. Use less of a bend in your arms ideally less than 90 degrees to increase difficulty.

2. Pause for one to three seconds at the bottom. But be careful as this will add additional stress to your shoulders.

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